About Us

Eco-Friendly Manufacturer

Off-the-Shelf Production Line

Company Background

Founded in 1988, the engineers, technicians and professors from Taiwan's finest Power Electronic Labs worked together and pioneered industrial automation products in the country. Specialising in microprocessor control, our products includes industrial AC motor drives,Power Inverters /converters, Solar chargers/converters (MPPT), Battery balancers /management systems, Quick charging stations, and all other sorts of power electronic supplies. From small power to large power (300W-1.5MW), single unit to integrated distribution board, our electronic controllers can stand the test of time. The reliability and adherence to market-driven specifications is the cornerstone of our engineering, by following the industry trend we bring a diverse range of products to commercial and industrial energy markets.

Customer Satisfaction

Using our experience, we engineer the products exactly as our clients specified, we listen carefully to the users, installers and distributors around the worldwide market when they tell us their requirements so that we can deliver products suitable to current and future market needs. All the products are manufactured to satisfy our clients' specifications including standard, OEM or ODM orders. The after-sales service and technical support are delivered on time to resolve customers’ questions. We are dedicated to meeting those expectations with the highest quality products on the market.

Highest Quality Control

Rich Electric has strong engineering and manufacturing ability to produce standard general-purpose AC motor drives of low to high voltage in industrial systems/applications. As well as DC/AC pure sine wave power inverters, solar chargers/converters, and battery chargers widely used in remote houses, recreational vehicles, marine and commercial renewable-energy markets or solar/wind power systems. We are ISO9001certified, international CE approved and E-mark authorized for the trustworthy and high-quality products. Rich is the source of your power.