Founded by Mr. JR (Eric) Chen in 1988, Rich Electric Co., Ltd first started by specialising in the design and manufacture of AC motor drives (aka VFD) for industrial applications such as conveyor belt production lines, cranes, elevators, electric pumps, and all other kinds of mechanical loads and control cabinets.

Over the last three decades, inspired by our success in producing AC motor drives, we progressed further with our electrical engineering techniques. Our off-the-shelf products have also evolved and now cover an even wider range of products and industries. From the simplest power inverters (aka Pure Sine wave Inverters) to complex AC motor drives, from solar chargers with MPPT (aka Inverter Chargers) to grid-tie hybrid inverters, and from UPS to complete electric vehicle/boat powertrains and charging stations. Our electrification solutions continue to achieve low-carbon emissions. With a global footprint, the quality and stability of our power electronic controllers can stand the test of time. Headquartered in Tainan Technology Industrial Park (TTIP), Taiwan, centre of Asia, we provide outstanding solutions and professional technical advice for your requirements.
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  Power Train, Remote Monitoring of Hybrid Boat 金鑽號 in SunMoon Lake
Rich Electric is honored to supply the power train of the Hybrid Boat 金鑽號 in SunMoon Lake located in Nantou County of Taiwan. The 45-people passenger boat is a smart intelligent power system which is completely designed and installed by Rich Electric. With the past 10-year experience in developing the power train of the electrical bus, electrical solar boat and hybrid boat, the advanced technology and skills enhances the reliability and comfort for the public transportation with a good purpose of protecting the green environment. The boat is also equipped with the webserver monitoring for all the updated device information, GPS, datalog to be tracked by the boat owners.
Battery Pack & BMS
Lithium-ion Battery Pack
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Off Grid System with Inverter, Chargers, ATS
An interactive Inverter Charger offers a powerful true Pure Sine Wave Inverter that converts DC battery voltage to AC high voltage. This is required to power mains operated appliances and it also enables you to run ordinary household electrical items from your motorhome, boat or RV when electricity is unavailable. The Combi range has many unique features, such as power sharing. This means that the input supply can be programmed to a maximum limit and can be used in combination with the Combi inverters power to support heavy loads, such as air conditioners.
CombiPlus Power Inverter/Charger
Power Inverter
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Reliable Solar Wind System Panel
A typical PV system requires the major components like the pure sine wave inverters, solar chargers, battery banks and of course the solar panel. A good rating of the chassis can extend the longer life time of the system and the major electronic components. The newly released 54kw panel cabinet include 3 units of high power 18kw pure sine wave inverters and 9 units of high voltage 480Vdc/50Amp solar chargers and DC meter and AC meter on the front panel for the real-time power display. High battery voltage 120Vdc design can reduce the cable wiring for the maximum efficiency. The open front and rear door design are convient for the maintenance if needed.
SunStar with MPPT
Solar Charger

MPPT Solar Charger
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GB Certified Electric Vehicle Charging Station
The GB Certified EV Charging station ensures the high efficiency and big power charging including 30kw, 60kw and 120kw. The quick charging stations are placed in every bus station or car parking for the stable and high quality of current delivered to the charge the EV battery. We have the strong R&D ability to offer you a variety of charging technical solution to adapt to different markets around the world. The certified EV charging stations are now situated from north New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, to south Ali Mountain Tourist Park, Pingtong City of Taiwan for service.
Quick Charging Station
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Electrical VehicleBusBoat Power Train Components
The power train components of EV industry include the AC induction motor, gearbox and the motor driver. Rich Electric has set up an alliance with FUKUTA (Tesla motor supplier), Kuo Yuan and it is called EV-APDS (Advanced Propulsion Drive System) Association to dedicate in power train development and design for different kinds of the vehicle, bus, boat. The accomplishment of the development has resulted in the Taiwan's first licensed electrical bus on road in New Taipei City and other five cities and the electrical boats in Sun Moon Lake, Kaohsiung Love River and Feitsui Reservoir. As an experienced motor drives and electronics provider, we offer solutions to our customers according to their application.
EV Power Train System
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High Power Modular Design 800~1600HP of AC drives
The SN-HH series drive is a high performance product that produces an output of adjustable voltage and frequency to control the speed of a squirrel cage induction motor. These modular design units have separate converter capacitor inverter sections installed in a common enclosure. Sections can be paralleled to increase capacity. This PWM design provides high starting torque by use of IGBT transistors. The drive provides 3 modes of control and speed accuracy to suit application requirements; V/Hz (2%), sensorless vector (0.1%), or flux vector control (0.01% / motor-mounted Resolver (standard) and drive-mounted PG-RD1 card required). Programmability, network capability, and flexibility are outstanding.
EI Super N
AC Inverter Motor Drive
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