AC Motor Drives

AC Inverter Drive

Product Name : AC Inverter Drive

Item No. : EI-7001 Series

EI-7001 Series

220V Class (3-Phase Input) 0.75kW~75kW
440V Class (3-Phase Input) 0.75kW~300kW

AC Inverter Drive is the largest horsepower for V/F control application especially pump motors. The digital LCD display and LED status indicator shows operation status. AC Inverter Drive capacity is up to 300kW for 440V Class and up to 75kW for 220V Class.
  • 16 bits, microprocessor
  • multi-function
  • AC Inverter Drive with low noise design
  • AC Inverter Drive with LCD display control panel
  • Built-in PID Energy saving function
  • RS-232 (built-in) / RS-485 (option) serial communication port
  • Capacities available from 1 to 400HP
  • Optional DC reactor available for deducting harmonic interference from power supply
  • User-friendly LCD operation controller
    • Display
    • Operation Mode Selection Key
    • RUN
    • Mode Indicator LEDs (Remote Mode)
    • Enter Key
    • Number Change Key
User-friendly LCD operation controller Digital operator key description Display
Displays set values of each function or monitoring values such as frequency and output current.

Display Selection key
Selects the contents of quick-start LEDS.

Operation Mode Selection Key
The operation mode is alternated between REMOTE and LOCAL (digital operator).

Red LED lights by depressing RUN.

Red LED lights by depressing STOP. (Resets operation at faults. Reset is disabled while a run command is ON).

Mode Indicator LEDs (Remote Mode)
Lights when selecting input mode from the control circuit terminal or serial communication,
SEQ: Lights when selecting run command from control circuit terminal or serial communication.
REF: Lights when selecting frequency reference from control circuit terminals FV and FI or serial communication.

Enter Key
Displays each constant set value. By depressing this key again, the set value is written in.

Number Change Keys
Changes set values or constant Nos.
/\ :Increment Key.
\/ :Decrement Key.
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