AC Motor Drives

High Power Modular Design 800~1600HP

Product Name : High Power Modular Design 800~1600HP

Item No. : EI-SN-HH Series

EI-SN-HH Series High Power Modular Design 800~1600HP

440V Class (3-Phase Input) 1.5kW~1200kW
660V Class (3-Phase Input) 1.5kW~1200kW

The SN-HH series drive is a high performance product that produces an output of adjustable voltage and frequency to control the speed of a squirrel cage induction motor. These modular design units have separate converter capacitor inverter sections installed in a common enclosure. Sections can be paralleled to increase capacity. This PWM design provides high starting torque by use of IGBT transistors. The drive provides 3 modes of control and
speed accuracy to suit application requirements; V/Hz (2%), sensorless vector (0.1%), or flux vector control (0.01% / motor-mounted Resolver (standard) and drive-mounted PG-RD1 card required). Programmability, network capability, and flexibility are outstanding.
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