AC Motor Drives

AC Inverter Drives

Product Name : AC Inverter Drives

Item No. : EI-MINI Series

EI-MINI Series

220V Class (1-Phase Input) 400W~1.5kW
220V Class (3-Phase Input) 0.75kW~1.5kW
440V Class (3-Phase Input) 0.75kW~1.5kW

AC Inverter Drive is an economical type of AC inverter for the simple application like fans, conveyors and it is an open chassis design for easy installation and wiring connection. The power capacity ranges from 400W up to 1.5kW for 220VAC and 440VAC Class.
  • Solid state reversing
  • 2-wire or 3-wire control inputs
  • Digital output for "Drive Healthy"
  • Constant torque or variable torque V/HZ patterns
  • 100/120 Hz maximum frequency
  • +15Vdc power supply for external devices
  • External inputs for drive enable and fault reset
  • Electronic motor overload protection
Protection Features
  • Over-temperature
  • Under-temperature
  • Over-voltage
  • Under-voltage
  • Input AC MOV (Oxide Variable Resistor)
  • Over-current @ 200%
  • Electronic Timed Over-load ('lxt')
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