AC Motor Drives

AC Motor Drive

Product Name : AC Motor Drive

Item No. : EI-500 Series

EI-500 Series

220V Class (1-Phase Input) 0.75kW~2.2kW
220V Class (3-Phase Input) 0.75kW~5.5kW
440V Class (3-Phase Input) 0.75kW~7.5kW

AC Motor Drive is a General-purpose AC inverter with adjustable frequency and the inverters can control the speed of AC motors which are good quality for the factory automation processes. The capacity includes the range of 0.75kW up to 7.5kW for 220VAC and 440VAC Class.

AC Motor Drive can be manufactured according to customers' request. 
  • Multiple Functions
    • AC Motor Drive with 8 multi-speed settings, 8-step acceleration/deceleration time, 3 jump frequencies….etc.
    • PID control, energy savings control, speed search, auto restarting
    • Manual/Auto torque boost, DC injection braking, 150% torque at 1HZ, stall prevention
    • Remote speed reference: 0~10VDC, 4~20MA. 0~20MA, analog input, multifunctional input and output terminal, analog output monitor, NPN and PNP input signal switch.
    • Removable keypad (Able to read and write parameter)
    • RS485 serial communication port, MODBUS message format
  • Broad Application
    • Transporting Machine
      • Conveyer
      • Lifting
      • Elevator
    • Public Equipment
      • Industrial Laundry
      • Car Washing Machine
      • Running Machine
    • Flow Machine
      • Fan
      • Pump
      • Blower
    • Food Processing Machine
      • Grinder
      • Mixer
      • Stirrer
    • Printing Textile Machine
      • Printing Machine
      • Textile Machine
      • Dyer
    • Air Conditioning
      • Freezer
      • Air Conditioner
      • Air Compressor
    • Space Vector Technology (SVPWM)
      • High power factor (Low iron loss)
      • Low rising of motor temperature. (Continuous operation)
      • High voltage range (15.9%)
      • Steady and smooth operation
      • High torque
Broad Application
  • Coating
  • Shaker Conveyor
  • Luggage Scanner Conveyor
  • High Speed Depalletizer
  • Multiple Motor Operation
  • Combination Motor Starter Interconnection
  • Glass Container
  • Snack Food Package Collator
  • Textile Facility Rebuild
  • Carpet Fiber Winder
  • EtherNet/IP CM092/CM093 Option with AB Controllogix / Compactlogix Programmable Controllers
  • Commissioning the CM092/CM093 EtherNet/IP Option Kit with the Rockwell BOOTP/DHCP Serve
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