AC Motor Drives

AC Drive

Product Name : AC Drive

Item No. : EI-450 Series

EI-450 Series

220V Class (1-Phase Input) 0.75kW~2.2kW
220V Class (3-Phase Input) 0.75kW~5.5kW
440V Class (3-Phase Input) 0.75kW~7.5kW

AC Drive features V/F control pattern. AC Drive has MODBUS message format and optional RS-485 communication card. The widely applied capacity ranges from 0.75kW up to 7.5kW for 220VAC and 440VAC Class. It is built in with digital keypad operator (RCUS-450).
Full-range • Automatic Torque Boost
  • High starting torque (150% / 3Hz) to start the machine smoothly.
Complete Protective Functions
  • AC Drive with high-speed current limit prevent over current (200% or more of the rated current), tripless operation (Momentary power loss restart, stall prevention, fault reset)
  • Built-in rush current limited circuit
  • Ground fault protection
Multiple Functions
  • Multi-speed setting (up to 9 steps) - 2-step acceleration / deceleration, 2-step jump frequency UP/DOWN selection jog command, etc.
  • Full-range automatic boost, slip compensation, stall prevention, over torque detection, DC injection braking, etc.
  • Remote speed reference : 0-10VDC, 4-20MA, 0-20MA, multifunction input and output terminal, analog output monitor, NPN and PNP input signal switch
  • MODBUS message format, RS485 series communication card available (Optional Accessory)
  • Built-in digital keypad operator (RCUS-450) and with complex digital keypad operator (RCU-450) (Optional Accessory)
Broad Application Substitute Magnetic Contac
  • No contact ensures, no transmission and maintenance request
  • Soft start/stop function enables goods to stand still on conveyor
Single Phase Power Input
  • Using single-phase power drives three-phase motor to rise the efficiency
Flow Machine (Fan-Pump)
  • Changing motor speed smoothly makes the best of flow to save energy
Food Processing Machines
  • The operation speed can be changed by using multi-speed functions (up to 9-step speed) and pre-set speed
Standard Mechanization
  • The machine controller by the inverter/drive can be used with local power frequency (50/60Hz)
Industrial Applications
  • Minimize Factory Maintenance Problems
  • Refrigeration Compressor
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Fan Selection for Air Handling
  • Knitting Machine
  • Industrial Laundry
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Induction Motor Speed Torque Characteristics
  • Combination Motor Starter Interconnectio
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