Power/Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Product Name : Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Item No. : Low Frequency Inverter

Low Frequency Inverter

Low Frequency Inverter rated at 12/24/48V-150~6000W
Low frequency inverter is a pure sinewave inverter to convert DC power of the battery to AC power for loads. It is designed with robust torodial transformer with the good isolation. The continuous power supply has the good protective features to avoid the damaged battery and to ensure the load is supplied.
These pure sine wave inverters are specially designed to fulfil the needs of special applications where it is necessary to adapt several parameters of inverters.
  • State-of -Art auto load sense.
  • Standard inbuilt low battery cut-off.
  • Low Frequency Inverter with great overload performance.
  • Very efficient stand by circuit.
  • Do not effect other equipment like TV, radio, etc.
  • No problem with microwave ovens.
  • Low Frequency Inverter with extremely efficient.
  • Standard specially designed AC- and DC - line filters.
  • Low Frequency Inverter can be used anywhere including National Parks.
  • Aluminum chassis for harsh environments.
  • Built-in Remote Controller Port.
  • Compact.
  • Simplified system design.
  • Easily mounted.
  • Lowest installation cost
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