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3 Power Inverter

Product Name : 3 Power Inverter

Item No. : Combi 3 Power Inverter/Charger

Combi 3 Power Inverter/Charger

3 Power Inverter rated at 12/24/48V-1500~6000W
3 Power Inverter has the intelligent power management for the shore, generator and battery power to do the power support and power control. 200% of the rated power for peak power capacity can provide more power to be supplied. The output power is 100% continuous power with no de-rating up to 70℃.

We supply 3 Power Inverter and 3 Power Charger with superior quality. 
As pure sine wave inverter for all purposes
  • As PFC battery charger for typed battery
  • Automatic bypass function
  • Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)
  • Continuous output power without derating (< 70°C)
  • PowerControl — Dealing with limited generator, shore side or grid power to avoid sudden loads on generator causing voltage spikes
  • PowerSupport —Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power, an innovative feature of the 3 Power Inverter
  • Four stage adaptive charger and dual battery charging
  • LCD display for parameter setting and error messages
  • Programming auxiliary relay (x 3)
  • Programming input current limit for power share
  • User friendly parameters setting for power control and sharing
  • Wall Mount and Table Mount available for choices
  • Optional remote panel with LCD display for easy operation in distance
For detailed technical catalogues and operation manuals, please download them from Download