Battery Balancers, Packs &
Management Systems (for Li-Ion)

Product Name : Lithium-ion Battery Pack

Item No. : Battery Pack & BMS

Nom. Battery Power: 1500Wh, 2500Wh, 4000Wh
Battery Capacity Range: 60Ah, 100Ah, 160Ah
Nom. Battery Voltage: 26.4, 79.2V
(The ratings can be customized made)
  • Three battery capacity from1.5kWh to 4kWh
  • Saves up to 70% in space and weight
  • Three times the lifespan of traditional batteries (2000 cycles)
  • Fast charging and discharging rate
  • Rich Bus communication with Rich battery charger
  • Integrated Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Series balancing technology optimizes string connection
  • Smart, Low temperature, High-voltage , Large-capacity specialty batteries
  • Integrated battery monitoring functions
  • Customization package available
  • Highly advanced technology
  • High efficiency design
Model No. DC1500 DC2500 DC4000
Nom. Battery Voltage 26.4 V 26.4 V 26.4 V
Battery Capacity Range 60 Ah 100 Ah 160 Ah
Nom. Battery Power 1500 Wh 2500 Wh 4000 Wh
Technology LiFePO4
Battery Monitoring Integrated
Battery Terminals M8
Parallel Connection Yes
Series Connection Yes
Switch Off Relais
  Externally installed
Communication Bus
Mandatory Safety Relay Yes
Dimensions including
terminals, handles lxwxh (mm)
  495 x 186 x 288   535 x 186 x 288   570 x 186 x 315
Weight (kg) 35 43.2 52

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