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Power Inverter

Product Name : Power Inverter

Item No. : CombiPlus Power Inverter/Charger

CombiPlus Power Inverter/Charger

SuperCombi Power Inverter rated at 12/24/48V-1500~6000W, expandable to be 90kW in parallel and 3-phase connection.
SuperCombi Power Inverter is the unique design with the timer control setting for the AC charging to save the bill cost. The timer can help to switch off the AC charger at peak time and enable the solar charger to charge the battery. Power Inverter can communicate with SunStar solar charger for the renewable energy systems.
  • Combi-functional, with intelligent shore and generator power management
  • Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)
  • Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation
  • Power Inverter with three phase capability
  • PowerControl — Dealing with limited generator, shore side or grid power to avoid sudden loads on generator causing voltage spikes
  • PowerSupport — Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power, an innovative feature of the CombiPlus
  • Four stage adaptive charger and dual battery charging
  • Power Inverter with LCD display for parameter setting and error messages
  • Programming auxiliary relay ( X 3)
  • Programming input current limit for power share
  • Communication with max. 10 sets of solar chargers (SunStar Series)
  • Four preset control mode application with AC grid, AC charging and solar charging
  • Wall Mount and Table Mount available for choices
  • Optional remote panel with LCD display for easy operation in distanc
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